About QFBD Research Group:

The Quantum Few-Body Dynamics Research Group was established in 2020 and is affiliated with School of Physics Science and Engineering at Tongji University, led by Professor Jin Lei. The group’s research focuses on utilizing quantum few-body models to study nuclear reaction processes, especially weakly bound nuclei induced reactions. The group’s theoretical work involves quantum scattering theory, quantum few-body models, Faddeev equations, Continuum-Discretized Coupled-Channels (CDCC), DWBA, and the Ichimura-Austern-Vincent model.

In previous work, the group used the quantum three-body IAV model to study the breakup and fusion reactions of weakly bound nuclei. Some of the group’s representative works include

  1. Jin Lei and Antonio M. Moro, ‘Unraveling the Reaction Mechanisms Leading to Partial Fusion of Weakly Bound Nuclei’, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 232501 (2019).
  2. Jin Lei and Antonio M. Moro, ‘Puzzle of Complete Fusion Suppression in Weakly Bound Nuclei: A Trojan Horse Effect?’, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 042503 (2019).
  3. Jin Lei and Antonio M. Moro, ‘Numerical assessment of post-prior equivalence for inclusive breakup reactions’, Phys. Rev. C 92, 061602(R) (2015). Editors’ Suggestion
  4. Rodrigo Navarro Pérez and Jin Lei, ‘Is the unusual near-threshold potential behavior in elastic scattering of weakly-bound nuclei a precision error?’, Physics Letters B 795, 200–205 (2019).
  5. A. Di Pietro, A.M. Moro, Jin Lei and R. de Diego, ‘Insights into the dynamics of breakup of the halo nucleus 11Be on a 64Zn target’, Physics Letters B 798, 134954 (2019).
  6. Jin Lei, L. Hlophe, Ch. Elster, A. Nogga, F. M. Nunes and D. R. Phillips, ‘Few-body universality in the deuteron- alpha system’, Phys. Rev. C 98, 051001(R) (2018).
  7. Jin Lei and Antonio M. Moro, ‘Post-prior equivalence for transfer reactions with complex potentials’, Phys. Rev. C 97, 011601(R) (2018).

The group plans to recruit one doctoral student, one master’s student, and postdoctoral researchers every year. You can contact the group at jinl@tongji.edu.cn.

We are grateful for funding from Tongji University and NSFC.


Liu Junzhe will join us as a PhD student -- welcome Liu Junzhe!


Jizheng Bo join us as a PhD student -- welcome Jizheng Bo!


Liu Hao will join us as a PhD student -- welcome Liu Hao!

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